Migrating theme / dev environment questions

Pre-sales questions for phpBB 3 forum hosting script.
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Migrating theme / dev environment questions

Post by dazil »

Hi there,

First of all, thanks for all of the work on this script. I believe it is exactly what I am looking for. Before buying, I have just a few questions:

* I am currently running my forums in production, but with multiple instances/codebases (hence the need for a script like this). Will I easily be able to port my existing (custom) theme to phpbbhs? How much (if any) modification will it require?
* I will be running phpbbhs in a development environment (in addition to prod), but on a public IP (my clients preview the forum in the dev environment before changes are migrated to prod). Will this be OK?



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Re: Migrating theme / dev environment questions

Post by CyberAlien »

1. It shouldn't be a problem. Everything is in template files, template syntax is similar to phpBB 2 template system, but with php enabled so you can mix them. There are only few files to edit and most likely you'll only need to edit header, footer and adjust css. Templates use css for everything, there aren't any fixed blocks of code.

2. Yes, I don't mind that as long as you won't host real forums on your dev website and all real forums will be on real website.

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