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Will script work with your host?

Posted: 07 Jan 2008, 09:39
This is a simple manual on how to check if script works with your host, if you already have a host and a domain. For this example I'll be using domain "" that you should replace it with your domain name.

Checking stuff

1. Checking if you got a dedicated IP.

Create some dummy page on your website just for test, then open it in browser like

Then find IP address used by your domain. If you are using windows, select "run" in startup menu, and run this command: "nslookup". Alternatively, you can use some remote lookup service, such as this web page (enter domain name, click "Find IP Address").

When you found IP, test it. For example I'll assume your IP is
Open this same test page in your browser, but instead of your domain name use your IP:

It should show the same test page as if you were using your domain name in url. If it shows that page correctly, then you have a properly setup dedicated IP. If it doesn't show same page and shows some other website or error message, then you don't have a dedicated IP or it was setup incorrectly.

2. Checking wildcard dns.

All you have to do is check any random subdomain of your domain, like Use nslookup or url I linked to above to resolve it. It should show same IP as and If it doesn't resolve then you don't have wildcard dns setup.

Setting up stuff

1. Dedicated IP. Nothing you can do about it, because only server admin can setup it. If you are a server admin, you should have an option to assign dedicated IP to account somewhere in accounts management. In WHM that option is available on account creation page.

2. Wildcard DNS for subdomains. This one is very easy to setup if you have access to domain. Just add record like this: "* A"

If you don't have access to dns records, but you can change nameservers, try third party dns services such as Create account there, add your domain, then setup following records:

Code: Select all A
* A
then change nameservers to whatever nameservers that third party service tells you to setup and then wait for about 12-24 hours.

If anyone has anything to add, feel free to reply to this topic.

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