phpBBHS forum hosting script is not a free software.


One license is per one IP address. You can have as many servers or domain names on that IP address as you want. You can additionally run a test server on any local network IP.

You can run script indefinitely and you will have access to free script updates for a year. To get updates after a year you'll have to extend membership for another year for $49.

If you don't have money to buy this script, you don't have money to run forum hosting service, so you should stay away from forum hosting business.

If you want to transfer a license to someone else, that license should be bought at price of first license, unless person you are transfering license to already has another license. Please use contact form to request information about license transfers.

Bulk discounts are available for turnkey website sellers. Please use contact form to discuss it.

Why not GPL?

phpBB forum script uses GPL license, so, according to GPL everything that uses phpBB code must be released as GPL.

Hovewer, this forum hosting script is a standalone application. It doesn't use any phpBB code, and it doesn't require phpBB to work. phpBB hosting script is designed to work with any software. You are not buying mods that slightly change how phpBB works in order to prevent users from accessing stuff they shouldn't access, you are buying script that lets you control thousands of forums and automatically setup forums. So this script doesn't have to be GPL.